Teditorial: What goes around

As critics and supporters continue to argue over the Bangsamoro Basic Law, Teddy Locsin Jr. puts his two cents in. Here's tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Testicular transplant

All the attention devoted to the generals in the Mamasapano investigation has gotten Teddy Locsin Jr. thinking there's something we might be missing. Here's tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Rich by kindness

For some, stepping on others is a means to rise to the top. But Italy's richest man proved one can be successful by being kind. Here's tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Not made to be alone

It's been said, no man is an island. And as Teddy Locsin Jr. shares with us in tonight's Teditorial, animals also need someone to lean on.

Teditorial: Better Brian

An eye catching title or flowery words are the usual tools of journalists to attract readers or viewers. But embellishing stories is usually a no-no. Teddy Locsin Jr. examines a popular anchorman's fall from grace in tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: TY for US role

Teddy Locsin Jr. tackes the extent of the US involvement in the Mamasapano mission.

Teditorial: Effect of authority

The 2016 presidential elections are right around the corner. Teddy Locsin Jr. gives us a tip on how to pick a candidate, in tonight's Teditorial.

Teditorial: Live free

In tonight's Teditorial, Teddy Locsin Jr. makes an observation about the conflict in the South under a dictatorship and under a democracy.